Episode 11: Bahaghari (Rainbow)

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June is Pride Month so I decided to discuss LGBT. I’m no expert at this but I did a tiny bit of Googling to help me with the episode. This episode is not meant to support or condemn LGBT. I just wanted to share what I’ve learned and some stories and experiences.

I grew up without having any negative experiences or views towards the LGBT community. But my religious beliefs contradict how I’m supposed to view them. I never really paid too much attention because I always think that we all have to accept each other the way they are. Otherwise, ignore them.

The earliest I can remember when I was first exposed to LGBT, I think I was around 5 years old. I was living in Manila and my uncles wanted me to check out a sporting event on TV. The game was played by gay men. All I could remember is that there was something different with the way they moved. I was unaware at the time what I was watching but for whatever reason, I remember it.

I have a gay cousin. We’ve known for a while. I heard stories that his dad (my uncle) would beat him when he catches him “acting” gay. My cousin has always been kind, caring, and responsible. He doesn’t get into trouble. I feel bad but I believe eventually my uncle accepted it. He is no longer with us and I hope they have closure. I always referred to my cousin as “kuya”. I never called him “ate” or his nickname “Jinky”. Shout out to my cousin.

I have plenty of gay friends. They are fun to be with. In my single days, I would hang out with them because they always have beautiful women with them. The ice breaker moments are pretty much non-existant because we all hung out and everyone was considered a friend, at least an acquantant.

Another story I have is getting a haircut with Abby’s cousing “Watot”. It was an interesting experience.

Tagalog Words

  • Bahaghari – rainbow
  • Bakla/beki – womanish
  • Tibo/t-bird – lesbian/tom boy
  • Bading – fairy
  • Malandi – flirty

The show notes of this episode can be found at http://podcast.sherwinm.com/11.

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