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A podcast about the adventures of being Filipino-American.

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    Episode 13: Ber Month

    Welcome to the SherwinM Podcast. A podcast about the adventures of being Filipino American. I am your host Sherwin.

    It is mid-September at the time of this recording. In the Philippines, we have started the "Ber" months. This means everyone who celebrates Christmas has started preparing for it. From decorations, singing carols, and getting into the spirit.

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    Episode 12: Manuod Tayo (Let's Watch)

    In this episode, I will be sharing my memories of watching movies. The movie theaters in the Philippines are slightly different than it is in the US. They are grouped together just like in the US but there is a ticket booth for each theater. For instance, let's say the mall has 10 theaters showing different movies, each one has a ticket booth for that theater. You can purchase a ticket for that movie and you have access to that movie for the entire day. You can enter at anytime, even in the middle of the movie.

    I also want to share the first movie I watched in the US and my memories of going to the movies in the Philippines. I'd like to compare both experiences. I hope you enjoy the episode. Don't forget to subscribe and rate me on iTunes. Or just say hello on social media. Thanks for listening.

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    Episode 11: Bahaghari (Rainbow)

    Welcome to the SherwinM Podcast. A podcast about the adventures of being Filipino American. I am your host Sherwin.

    June is Pride Month so I decided to discuss LGBT. I'm no expert at this but I did a tiny bit of Googling to help me with the episode. This episode is not meant to support or condemn LGBT. I just wanted to share what I've learned and some stories and experiences.

    Why is Pride Month in June? What is the meaning of the rainbow symbol?

    I grew up without having any negative experiences or views towards the LGBT community. But my religious beliefs contradict how I'm supposed to view them. I never really paid too much attention because I always think that we all have to accept each other the way they are. Otherwise, ignore them.

    The earliest I can remember when I was first exposed to LGBT, I think I was around 5 years old. I was living in Manila and my uncles wanted me to check out a sporting event on TV. The game was played by gay men. All I could remember is that there was something different with the way they moved. I was unaware at the time what I was watching but for whatever reason, I remember it.

    I have a gay cousin. We've known for a while. I heard stories that his dad (my uncle) would beat him when he catches him "acting" gay. My cousin has always been kind, caring, and responsible. He doesn't get into trouble. I feel bad but I believe eventually my uncle accepted it. He is no longer with us and I hope they have closure. I always referred to my cousin as "kuya". I never called him "ate" or his nickname "Jinky". Shout out to my cousin.

    I have plenty of gay friends. They are fun to be with. In my single days, I would hang out with them because they always have beautiful women with them. The ice breaker moments are pretty much non-existant because we all hung out and everyone was considered a friend, at least an acquantant.

    Another story I have is getting a haircut with Abby's cousing "Watot". It was an interesting experience.

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    Episode 10: Sanggol Games (Baby Games)

    Welcome to the SherwinM Podcast. A podcast about the adventures of being Filipino American. I am your host Sherwin.

    In this episode, I am joined by my cousin Jake. He texted me wondering if I had done an episode about games and music we play with babies. I said no and would like to do one on the condition that he join me since it was his idea. We shared a few games and songs.

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    Episode 09: Holy Week

    Welcome to the SherwinM Podcast. A podcast about the adventures of being Filipino American. I am your host Sherwin.

    In this episode, I share our trip to Glendale, at the Alex Theatre, to watch Coco Martin and the Fantastik 4. We had a great time. It was a variety show that included some singing, story telling, and comedy. There were a few things I didn't understand, that Abby had to explain to me.

    Holy Week is a week that leads to Easter. Many schools and businesses close this week. Radio and television programs are halted and replaced by religious themed programming. The days leading to Easter are called.

    Maundy Thursday (Huwebes Santo) Good Friday (Biyernes Santo) Holy Saturday (Sabado de Gloria) Easter Sunday (Linggo ng Pagkabuhay) Bisita Iglesia is practiced on Thursday or Friday where people would visit seven different churches and do the Stations of the Cross.

    On Sabado de Gloria (Holy Saturday), many have picnics and go to the beach. Others will get circumcision or pagtutuli.

    On Easter Sunday, there are processions (parade) called Salubong (welcoming) of Jesus.

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    Episode 08: Kain Tayo Part 2 (Let's Eat)

    I originally had a different topic I wanted to talk about but I record it three different times and I was not pleased with how it came out. I finally decided to change the topic and save the other idea for another episode. I'm thinking of inviting someone to join with me, maybe that will help shape my content.

    In this episode I revisit kain tayo from episode Episode 6. This is part 2.

    I take a deeper dive with eating.

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    Episode 07: Bawal Umihi Dito (The PeePisode)

    In episode 7, I talk about signs that say Bawal Umihi Dito which translates to You are not allowed to pee here. But is it obvious? I have 3 stories to share regarding this topic.

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    Episode 06: Kain Tayo (Let's Eat)

    In episode 6, I talk about the phrase kain tayo. Why do we automatically invite people to join us to eat? We love having people eat with us. We love to conversate over food.

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    Episode 05: Filipino Time

    In episode 5, I talk about Filipino time. Why do we suffer from it? What are the reasons behind why we are constantly late? I will share what I think my excuses are for being late. I also share what I've learned about daylight saving time.

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    Episode 04: Mano Po (Put Some Respek On It)

    In episode 4, I share the mano gesture. This is a gesture in the Filipino culture that shows respect to elders. In return, they give you their blessings.

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