Episode 13: Ber Month

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Ber Months

It is mid-September at the time of this recording. In the Philippines, we have started the “Ber” months. This means everyone who celebrates Christmas has started preparing for it. From decorations, singing carols, and getting into the spirit.

A decoration that is widely seen throughout the country is parol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parol. It is a star-shaped Christmas lantern. Parol is derived from the Spanish word farol, which means lantern. It is made out of bamboo and paper. You should Google images and check them out. They are quite beautiful. I guess you can consider them to be similar to wreaths.

In the US, we don’t get in that mood until Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving. We do something similar throughout the year. Preparing for holidays such as Independence Day, Halloween, and Christmas. But not that early.

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