Episode 03: Kabisadong Ring (Basketball)

My good friend Charles joins me in episode 3 and we talk about basketball. Philippines is country where we love sports. There are many athletes representing the country.

Basketball Pick-up Games

  • You got to bet to play.
  • Substitutes
  • Shoes, slippers, barefooted
  • Full court and half court games


I got some feedback from people, thank you.

  • Jeff from JB Tech Enterprise called me up. I’ve know for close to 20 years. He didn’t realize how I met my brother.
  • Mario (@mariordev) suggested to add English to the title so that people won’t assume the podcast is not in English. He’s another good friend of mine. We do a podcast together, codehopsRADIO.
  • Ernest, who I used to work with, texted me and congratulated me on the new podcast. Him and his wife want to visit the Philippines the next time we go. No problem, sir. I’ll let you know.

Thanks for the love and feedback. Please keep them coming.

Donate to the iHoop Basketball Team

The iHoop team helps kids in the community to play basketball and keep them off the streets and help them achieve something they otherwise would have never imagined they accomplish.

If you’re interested in donating, please visit https://www.hoopfunds.com/campaigns/ihoop-travelball-fund. You can also check them out on Instagram @ihoop_travelball

Tagalog Word in this episode

Kabisadong ring. Kabisadong or kabisado means “used to” or familiar. Ring means the basketball rim. It’s not really tagalog but it describes the shape of the rim, circle, which is the same shape of a ring. I chose this word because there’s part of the podcast where I describe the conditions of the rims there. They are wobbly, worn, unstable, bouncy. So if you’re familiar with the rim, you can basically throw up a brick but because you know the rim, more than likely it’ll bounce in.

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