Episode 02: Pilosopo Si Daddy (Daddy is a Smart Ass)

In the second episode I share stories about my kids and inherited mannerism. I shared a couple of examples of what I noticed them doing that I used to do as a kid. Karma is doing its thing. Not only do we teach our kids, but we learn from them as well.

If you have great hearing, you may hear my stomach rumbling in the background. My microphone is sensitive haha. I woke up early around 3:30am and couldn’t go back to bed so I decided to record this episode. I made a mistake of drinking cold water before recording, hence my stomach rumbling. Probably upset about the cold water, early in the morning.

Tagalog Words in this episode

  • Pilosopo – smart ass
  • Panganay – first born, oldest
  • Bunso – last born, youngest
  • Sulimpat – “squint eye”?

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