Episode 10: Sanggol Games (Baby Games)

Welcome to the SherwinM Podcast. A podcast about the adventures of being Filipino American. I am your host Sherwin.

In this episode, I am joined by my cousin Jake. He texted me wondering if I had done an episode about games and music we play with babies. I said no and would like to do one on the condition that he join me since it was his idea. We shared a few games and songs. Here they are.

Shout out to my cousin Nikki for participating in the Ragnar Trail.

Shout out to my Mom’s hometown Liliw, Laguna for celebrating their annual Tsinelas Festival. It occurs every year at the end of April. Check them out if you’re in the area.

Tagalog Words

  • Sanggol – baby
  • Maganda/Marikit – beautiful, pretty
  • Bulaga – boo
  • Sawsaw – to dip
  • Suka – vinegar
  • Mahuli to be late or be the last one, or to get caught
  • Taya – “it” like in tag
  • Tsinelas – slipper

The show notes of this episode can be found at http://podcast.sherwinm.com/10.

We hope you enjoyed the show. Jake shared a few links to check out more about him.

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