Episode 04: Mano Po (Put Some Respek On It)

In episode 4, I share the mano. This is a gesture in the Filipino culture that shows respect to elders. In return, they give you their blessings. I don’t see it done as much anymore. Of course, we are in America but you would think you’d see it in Filipino gatherings or gatherings with other Filipinos. Though I don’t do it myself, I have showed my kids how to do it and what it means. I hope this episode will remind us that this is an important part of our culture and that we start to use it.

Tagalog Word in this episode



  • Thanks to Tita Loida’s feedback. She enjoyed the shows and appreciates me sharing about the culture. She feels that many Fil-Am don’t know it and some parents don’t have the time to share it with their kids.
  • Thanks to Thomas @thomasami feedback. He shared with me that the audio seems different from the other episodes. Yes, I am using a new software to record guests that are remote. I’m still unfamiliar with it but I hope to improve as I keep using it.

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