Episode 07: Bawal Umihi Dito (The PeePisode)

In episode 7, I talk about signs that say Bawal Umihi Dito which translates to You are not allowed to pee here. But is it obvious? I have 3 stories to share regarding this topic. You may think, Wow! 3 stories? Yes, 3 stories. I also share a scene in a movie regarding this topic or was it a joke. I can’t remember that well but it involves comedian Dolphy. I met him before he passed and it was a very memorable experience. I think I got my timeline wrong. In the episode, I mentioned meeting him around Christmas either 2012 or 2013 but he passed away in 2012. So it may have been 2010.

The first story was during the flag ceremony Lupang Hinirang when I attended San Beda School School.

The second story happened in second grade at St Jeromes in Chicago. Jingling is not tagalog but a slang English term used in the Philippines.

Finally, the third, occurred some time in the late 90s with one of my Unlces.

Tagalog Word in this episode

  • Bawal umihi dito – you are not allowed to pee here
  • Barangay – neighborhood
  • Baka pwede natin pagusapan ito – maybe we could talk about this
  • Mukang baka hindi pa kayo nag ka kape – it looks like you haven’t had your coffee yet


  • In episode 6, I recorded during the afternoon and there were plenty of background noise. I tried my best to edit them out but if you listen with headphones or have keen hearing, you may notice them. Hopefully, it wasn’t too distracting. This episode, I tried to record in the morning with the hopes of less background noise.
  • Abby’s cousin and his family from Australia came to visit the US. We took them out for the day. The kids were more calm than usual hanging out with their cousin. I also got a new pair of shoes that I didn’t anticipate finding nor buying. The Metalic Foamposite Pro aka Silver Surfer. Was ready to get another pair of the Foamposite One Royal but held off.
  • Shared a story about my kid and how I couldn’t find a response to what he said. Being a dad is great. I love my kids.


  • No feedback this episode. If you would like to send me feedback, just reach out to me on social media. Please don’t forget to rate the podcast on iTunes, it would help me a lot and is a form of feedback. Thank you.

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