Episode 08: Kain Tayo Part 2 (Let’s Eat)

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I originally had a different topic I wanted to talk about but I record it three different times and I was not pleased with how it came out. I finally decided to change the topic and save the other idea for another episode. I’m thinking of inviting someone to join with me, maybe that will help shape my content.

In this episode I revisit kain tayo from episode Episode 6. This is part 2.

I take a deeper dive with eating. Some of the topics I cover are

  • The life cycles of rice.
  • Appetizers and desserts
  • What do you find in a plate
  • Revisit salu salo (salo salo? I’ve never really spelled/pronounced it with the letter U – /shrug)
  • Brief info on cooking rice. I mention a bit that Jokoy (Fil-Am comedian) shared about cooking rice. https://www.facebook.com/jokoy/videos/10155230550522590/
  • How to ask for the check at a restaurant

I shared a recording that my friend Jeff shared with me with him using Google Home to listen to the podcast. Also shared a story about our trip to Philippines along with another friend, Erwin.

Tagalog Word in this episode

  • Kanin – rice
  • Ulam – main dish
  • Sinigang – soup with a sour flavor usually made with fish, shrimp, or pork but is not limited to those ingredients
  • Nilaga – soup usually with meat and vegetables
  • Palay – rice seed
  • Bigas – uncooked rice
  • Ube – yam
  • “Chit” or “Chet/Cheat” – check or bill at a restaurant

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Episode 06: Kain Tayo (Let’s Eat)

In episode 6, I talk about the phrase kain tayo. Why do we automatically invite people to join us to eat? We love having people eat with us. We love to conversate over food. I try to always eat with work mates but they often bring food and I don’t. So I tend to eat out by myself. They probably are wondering why I always ask if they want to go to lunch, hopefully this episode explains it.

I also shared about eating together as a family. It’s a common practice in the Philippines. Unfortunately, in America it is uncommon and not considered. I was reminded by Abby about it when she immigrated here in America over a decade ago. It’s difficult with our schedules so every weekend, we make an extra effort to eat together as a family. I complain about being a Chauffeur on the weekends. So rather than relaxing, I spend time with the family. There’s times I just want some time to myself but I figured, there will be plenty of time later for that, when I retire and the kids are older.

I found some time to record during a late afternoon while the kids took a nap. The room I record in is in front of the house and during playback and edit, I noticed my microphone picked up a lot of background noise. Normally, I record at night when traffic is seldom so background noise is more manageable. I’m not great with editing so I tried to fix it. Hope I did well. Enjoy the show.

Tagalog Word in this episode

  • Kain tayo – Let’s eat
  • Pagkain – Food
  • Salu salo – A gathering, so you can eat together, sharing, sharing the food or the check – kind of like a pot luck



  • Shout out to Rich Lieberman. I used to work with the School Psychologist for a couple of years. He texted me and shared that he enjoyed Episode 4: Mano Po. He listens to the show as he traverses the city. Thanks for the feedback. We need to do lunch some time.

Please take some time to rate the show and leave feedback. I do enjoy sharing but even more when I hear from you. Thank you.

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